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Quality and fast Solutions

Being able to rely on a partner inspired by this philosophy is very important for the repositioning of companies on the market and essential for the consolidation of the activities underway to avoid losing ground in terms of competitiveness and to streamline and maintain a tight grip on costs.


Our goals

Food No Food Sinergy is the result of the union of managers and executives who have worked for years in companies of all kinds and sizes, all operating in the high-tech sector.

Food No Food Sinergy does not provide proprietary products but it presents itself as “problem solver”, starting from its own "know-how" or adopting and developing the Clients' one.

Food No Food Sinergy is a “system integrator” with a large store of ideas complementing the ideas and know-how of the client.

Food No Food Sinergy operates in the field of consulting and is a provider of Special Solutions.


Company profile

Food No Food Sinergy has an engineering core, assisted by assembly , start up and maintenance activities, that are adapted to meet specific legislation, and supported by a branch dedicated to Information Technology.


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