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Solution 2:
Packing block

The installation consists of a system for feeding the product, a singling out transversal roller conveyor, a system for feeding boxes, a gantry mechanical hand and a system for closing the boxes and their removal from the packing area.

The products, which arrive in a serial and sequential form from the feeder system, are loaded individually by a transversal conveyor.

This transversal transportation has a double chain with for optimising production, and has intelligent activation, making it capable of protecting full/empty spaces typical of discontinuous production.

With these system features an exact number of products reaches the mechanical hand to be removed and deposited in the boxes.

The mechanical hand, to which it is possible to add different kinds of handling mechanisms, is equipped with a system for controlling the grip effectuated, so that performance can be optimised.

Boxing area.


Feeding the boxing area.


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