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Solution 3:
Batching and packing area

Plant composed of:

  1. Screw elevator conveyor equipped with charging hopper;
  2. Vertical screw feeder-doser;
  3. Vertical packer;
  4. Blanket feed conveyor-elevator for the finished packages.

This is a batching plant dedicated to powder materials, where it is impossible to use other feeder and/or batching systems, apart from the screw feeder.

The product is loaded into the hopper, set at the height of a man, using big bags or hand sacks, transferred to the hopper of the batcher using an inclined screw feeder and dosed using a vertical screw feeder.

screw doser

The wrapping machine is the most flexible part of the system; in fact it is suitable for packing a broad range of products, whether they are liquids, dry products, foodstuffs, non-foodstuffs, metals, plastics, etc.

Packing can take place in a controlled atmosphere.


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