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Solution 5:
Automatic dry salt depositor

Machine allows to automatize the dry salt deposit process on any kind of round shape cheese.


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Particularly suitable for Gorgonzola and Pecorino cheese, it can run up to 12 stroke per minute, or 720 pieces per hour.

gorgonzola pecorino romano

For bigger capacity a tandem system machine is required.

Process is totally electronically managed and machine can handle all this automatic operation:

Just to optimize the cost and productivity a pocket to recover the over deposit salt is available.

system detail 5 system detail 6

Machine is made by stainless steel with an internal piping system able, by mean some wash ball, to clean the machine in any internal place and corner.

This optinon gives to the customer the possibility to connect the inner piping to any CIP system in order to have a real hygienic situation.

During cleaning phase some special guard heve to be lowered so that all the liquid will be carried through just one pipeline outside the machine.

A friendly operator panel is available and customer can choice to operate manually or automatically, any working station of the machine.

system detail 7

Frame is on wheel, so that you can choice any place or operate it directly inside of seasoning cells.



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